Constipation is a common and unpleasant, but not unsolvable, digestive problem. People can misdefine this problem and reach for medication too soon to eliminate it as soon as possible.
Learn all about constipation and its prevention.

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Why you should take care of your health

American industrialist Warren Buffet came up with a very interesting comparison. – Imagine that a ghost appears and says that he will grant you one wish. You can get the best and most luxurious car you want. But the catch is that it’s the only car you’ll be able to have in your life. Such a car you would surely drive carefully, garage, regularly service, changed the oil and be careful which fuel you put in the tank. You would not regret the money spent on maintenance. When you think about it, your body is the most perfect machine you will ever have, and you only get one for a lifetime. Most of us don’t care about it as much as we would care about a car that we got from a ghost, Buffet said.

How your body functions in 20 years depends on how you treat it now.