Regulino gummy

REGULINO® gummy, gummy bears, dietary supplement with lactulose

  • contains lactulose which speeds up the passage of contents through the intestines
  • Packaging: 7 packets, each with 5 gummy bears


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Take a look at our leaflet and find out how to help children with constipation/obstipation

What is constipation?

Constipation or obstipation is a condition of having an irregular and/or difficult and painful defecation of a hard or voluminous stool. This problem and its accompanying difficulties…

REGULINO gummy bears contain lactulose which speeds up the passage of contents through the intestines.

The desired effect is achieved by taking a single 10 g portion of lactulose daily.

Contents in the recommended daily intake (=5 gummy bears):


10 g


lactulose (crystal and syrup), gelatin, acidity regulator: citric and lactic acid, aroma (apple, strawberry, orange), plant extracts (peppers, carrots, saffron, spirulina, black currant), palm oil, glazing agent: carnauba wax.

Instructions for use:

Recommended daily intake

Children from 3 to 6 years

Children from 6 to 14 years

Adults and young people over 14 years of age

Chew for long-term digestion maintenance

1 gummy bear

1 – 2 gummy bears

2 – 3 gummy bears

Chew daily for the desired effect

1 – 2 gummy bears

3 bears

5 bears

Chew for a stronger effect (consult with a doctor)

Up to 3 bears

Up to 5 bears

Up to 10 bears


Adults and young people older than 14: chew 5 bears every day.
Children aged 6 to 14 years: chew 3 teddy bears a day
Children aged 3 to 6 years: chew 1 to 2 teddy bears a day.