Regulino powder


Regulino® contains lactulose which helps speed up the passage of content through the intestines.

  • A box of 5 single packets
  • For preparing a drink
  • 10 grams of lactulose in every packet


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Regulino® contains lactulose which helps speed up the passage of content through the intestines.*

The desired effect is achieved by taking a single 10-gram packet of lactulose every day.

*this claim is supported by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

What is lactulose?

Lactulose is a sugar which is made up of galactose and fructose. Lactulose cannot be decomposed in the intestines and is not reabsorbed from the bowels. One packet contains 10 grams of crystal lactulose.

What are the effects of lactulose?

Lactulose speeds up the transit time, i.e. the time which takes for the contents to pass through the intenstines. To speed up the transit time, we need to take at least 10 g of lactulose every day.

What is the transit time?

The transit time is the period of time which lasts from when food enters our intestines up until it leaves them. During the transit time, food passes through the stomach, the small intestine and the colon. The time is takes for the food to pass through the stomach is 5 hours, and for the small intestine it is 6 hours. With women, food passing through the colon takes 47 hours, and for men this takes 33 hours.

Contents in a recommended daily dose (=1 packet):
Lactulose: 10 g

Net weight:
5 of 10 packets of crystal lactulose, 10 gram

crystal lactulose

Method of application:
Empty the contents of 1 packet into 2 deciliters of water and stir well to dilute. Drink a freshly made mixture. Do not add any Regulino®u sodas.